Khutbah Idul Adha 2012

The Essence of a Moslem Sacrifice

By: H. Muhammad Adib Abdushomad

Allahu akbar9x walilahil khamd…

For this great occasion, I remind myself and my brothers to strengthen our level of taqwa to Allah (swt) the most holy, because with the taqwa we can obtain real happiness in this world and in the hereafter. The level our taqwa can only be increased by obeying god’s obligation and avoid things that are prohibited, in other words, imtisali awamiri wajtinabi nawahihi..

My dear brother in Islam,

In this beautiful and blessing morning, we are here in order to celebrate Idul Adha which has special ‘meanings’ for Muslims all around the world as the “day of remembrance” a sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. Kalimah takbir and Tahmid are pronounced by all Muslims to consider the Almighty of Allah swt.  We should be mindful that the kalimah takbir and tahmid are not articulated “as a lip service” as such. It should become our deepest recognition on how weakness we are as human beings, even though in the eyes of human, we may have a highest position or social stratification, as director, minister or even president, human being is naturally constructed with weak point beside the strength point at the same time. Khuliqal inasana dhoifa.

Allahu akbar 3x Walilahi khamd…

My dear brother in Islam,

Idul Adha that we are celebrating every 10 Dzulhijjah has been associated with Yaumul Haj where some Moslem are performing one of the important element of Hajj or pilgrimage that is wukuf in Arafah.  Furthermore, Idul Adha has also been identified as “Iedul Qurban” which emphasise on total sacrifices only to Allah swt. This why during this Idul Adha we are reminded by prophet Ibrahim in relation to his family effort to just sacrifice only for Allah swt. This is why in today’s  Iedul Adha Khutbah, I would like to emphasize the essence of a Moslem sacrifice in era of a global citizenship.

My dear brother, rakhimakumuallah,

The first trial or test begun when Allah swt requested prophet Ibrahim to travel his wife and his son, Ismail, to stay in a valley without cultivation, in which completely dried up. This place is currently well known as Mekkah city. As it reported in surah Ibrahim verse 37:

37. “O Our Lord! I have made some of My offspring to dwell In a valley without cultivation, by Thy sacred House; In order, O Our Lord, that They may establish regular prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that They may give thanks.

Ibn Abbas said that when Siti Hajar has run out water to feed Ismail, she tried to find out water with ‘small walk’ or  sa’i between Sofa and Marwa hills for seven times. Suddenly Allah swt, sent Malaikah Jibril to make spring called as al-ma’ zam-zam as a sources of life.

From this historical background we can now see that the city of Mekkah which previously was a valley without cultivation and completely dried up, now, the city has got well prosperities in its society as it has guaranteed by prophet Ibarhim through his pray to Allah Swt. No wonder, nowadays millions people travel to this city to perfom hajj and umrah every years as it reported in holy al-Qur’an.

126. and remember Abraham said: “My Lord, make This a City of Peace, and feed its people with fruits,-such of them As believe In Allah and the Last Day.” He said: “(Yea), and such As reject Faith,-for a while will I grant them their pleasure, but will soon drive them to the torment of Fire,- an evil destination (indeed)!”

My dear brother rakhimkumuallah

Idul Adha is also well known as “Yaumu Nahar” which means the day when Moslems are required to slaughter animals for Ibadah kurban. The instruction to slaughter animal for kurban has a strong connection with spirit that has been shown by prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam the spirit of a human sacrifice to his God, Allah swt.

Among other prophet, Ibrahim got as a special recognition by Allah swt that is Khaliluallah (much-loved of Allah swt). This recognition as khaliluallah has raised a question by some Malaikat or angels, as cited in Khutbah Muasyiroh,: “ Oh my lord, why you gave prophet Ibrahim title as (khaliluallah?. In response to this, later on Allah swt gave permission to his angels or malaikat to assess and or investigate the faith of prophet Ibrahim.

As it is reported in kitab Miskatul Anwar, prophet Ibrahim is ‘a millioner’ in his period of time as he had 1000 seeps, 300 cows and 100 camels, many other domestic animals, which in total he had 12.000 animals. One day, prophet Ibrahim was questioned by people about his wealth? Who had those animals? Prophet Ibrahim answered; “All those animals are belongs to Allah swt, but at the moment this still mine. Prophet Ibrahim further convinced to the people that if Allah swt wished for, I even could give Ismail my beloved son in order to worship to Allah swt.

Ibn Katsir in his kitab tafsir al-Qur’anul Adzim, claimed that the statement of Ibrahim to sacrifice of his beloved son, later on become a tools (washilah) to testify his faith and Taqwa to Allah swt. As it is stated in surrat Asshofat verse 102 says : 

Which means : Then, When (the son) reached the aged of serious work with him, he said “ O my son! I see in vision that I offer you in sacrifice: now see what isyour view? The son said”O my father! Do as you are commanded: you will find me, if Allah so wills one practicing Patience and Constancy!: (Asshofat : 102)

Based on this verse, there are some I’tibar or example, that we can gain:

Firstly. We need to bear in mind that everything that we have in this word is belongs to Allah swt and sometimes it will surely return back to the owner, Allah swt. What we really like in this world is only temporary, money, house, even our beloved family. They will leave us. Prophet Ibrahim (khaliluallah), he had proven himself to return back his beloved son to Allah swt, eventhough , later on Allah swt commended him to slaughter  animal instead of his son.

What the prophet Ibrahim actually did was to kill or slaughter the symbol of duniawi as well as the character of animals (khayawan) that could be too dominant in us, as human beings.  It could be power or certain position, money, children, that can diverted us from our main mission to worship Allah swt. In line with this, al Imam Syaikh almaghfurllah  K.H. Asrori al Ishaqi (allahu yarham) remind us. “Kullu maa yusghiluka ala allah, fawuha add dunya”. Wa kullu maa yuinuka ala allah fahuwal akherah. Which means “everything that could potentially make us feels far away and become a barrier that impede us to worship Allah swt that is dunya, and everything that can make us feel closer to Allah swt, that is al akheroh.

At this stage, we can evaluate ourselves; how many times we had leave Allah SWT commands in order to seek short term destination,  ad-dunya. How easily we can wake up early in the morning to earn some money, but why is it so hard to wake up early in the morning to perform, qiyamul lail or shalat subuh for instance. Why is it so hard to spend our money for others (Moslem in need), which actually we have realised that everything that we have in this world is actually temporary?

Now Allah swt only command us to spend our money for Ibadah Qurban and share happiness with others. We do not need to face such big challenges or temptation as prophet Ibrahim has shown to us. From this explanation, we can conclude contextually that we need to overcome everything that can be ‘hijab’ or distraction between us and Allah swt.  This  is also an I’tibar an example for us that if we want to sacrifice for Islam, we need to give priority to religious values, not for the interest group, family, etc.

Secondly, the need of musyawarah as we can see from the word, fandzhur maa dza taraa.. What do you think about this? Dialogue and Musyawarah in a co-create meaning is essential for every single problem in this world. I believe no matter our life situation, especially in a global citizenship as cited in McIntyre (2000), many of us believe the importance of dialogue with our heart to solve different point of view within Muslim that may cause civil war among them at the moment. However, it seems to me that   we keep rejecting solutions to do more dialogues and open our heart because they are requires us to change our behaviour. Our behaviour that tends to separate each other Muslim by giving them a label such as Sunii, Syiáh, Wahabis, Salafis, Moderate Muslims, Conservatives, and many others labels.

We forgot that we were all connected as the ummah of prophet Muhammad SAW. We broke apart, we separated from each other. We even fragmented inside ourselves, disconnecting heart from head and from our spirit. This is as I said earlier that Ibadah Qurban is also is symbol to slaughter a potential character of  animals (or khayawan) inside human beings such as ego, one truth paradigm, and less using our brain to think. These characters may impede us to dialogue among Muslim who holds different perspectives with trust for better future generation in this world. A Moslem sacrifices are those who able to maintain a harmonise relationship more importantly to Allah swt as well as in relation to human beings as equally important to create peaceful living in this world as part of a global citizenship. Every single of us should become Muslim ambassador to create Islam that could bring blessing for others, or Islam as Rahmatan lil alamin.


Thirdly, When Ismail is requested of his opinion, he can answer clearly and immediately. He answer “ yaa abatif’al.. Do as you are commended! This is, the answer which comes out from waladun shalih who has strong religious foundation. The role of Ibrahim wife is also important, since Ibarahim’s wife, Sarah also strongly support him to do Allah AWT’s command. By all means we need to strengthen the level of Iman in all our family members to protect us from syaitan since we have to remember that syaitan is our real enemy…Inna syaitana lakum aduwum mubin..

My Dear Brothers in Islam, Prophet Ibrahim has shown us the true meaning of sacrifice only for Allah SWT. It is therefore, Allah SWT, emphasis us to take an example from the Prophet Ibrahim, particularly in His Faith and Tauhid. As it narrated in Al-Qur’an surah Al-Mumtahanah verse 4:

Which means : there is for you an excellent example (to follow) In Abraham and those with him, when They said to their people

Allahu akbar3x walilahikhamd..

Reflecting on the prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail event will hopefully allow us to increase the level of Iman (faith). Especially to consider the meaning of Ibadah Qurban that has challenges us to sacrifice everything we have to get blessing from God as well as contributing to peace in this world.

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